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About us

What is Cute to Insane

Cute to Insane is the NFT on the Flare network. We aim to introduce two collections; the project aims to provide NFTs to the holders and give benefits for holding.

The Mint?

Whitelist mint will run for 24 hours and mint cost will be 1000 FLR. 1000 out of 2500 NFTs will be available during whitelist. After 24 hours, public mint will be open for all - Mint cost 1500.

What are the utilties of our NFTs?

1. 15% Mint Cost Back to Holders: Whenever someone mints a new NFT, 15% of the mint cost will be distributed back to the existing NFT holders in proportion to their holdings. This incentivizes holding and rewards early adopters.

2 10% Added Community Pools for Airdrop: 10% of the mint cost will be allocated to community pools for future airdrops. These airdrops can be used to reward and engage with the community, fostering a sense of ownership and participation.

3. 10% Royalty to Community Pools for Airdrop: A 10% royalty fee will be charged on all secondary sales of the NFTs, and this fee will be directed to the community pools for future airdrops. This ensures that the community continues to benefit from ongoing transactions within the ecosystem.

4. 5% Hidden Rewards for NFT Minter: As a token of appreciation to the creators, 5% of the mint cost will be set aside as hidden rewards for the NFT minter. These rewards can be unlocked or discovered by the NFT holders, adding an element of surprise and value to the NFTs.

5. Whitelist Discount for Rodenticide: NFT holders will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of Rodenticide, a special utility or feature within the ecosystem that can enhance or transform their NFTs in unique and exciting ways. This discount encourages NFT holders to explore and utilize the additional functionalities offered by Rodenticide.


how it all started


Planning, Research, and Communication Platform

Establish a Communication Platform, Design work, Review & Refine.

Set up Twitter & Discord server.

Domain for the project website.

Innovative designs for the 1st collection.

Finalizing 1st collection.


The Mint & NFT benefits

There will be whitelist mint for 24 hours - 1000 allocated for whitelist & 1500 for public Mint.

15% of each mint will go back to holders. The more & early you mint = more rewards

25% discount for Rodenticide. Rodenticide will be used to convert them into insane

10% total mints added to community pool for flaredrop share.

5% total mints to hidden rewards to nft minter.

10% royalties to community pool for flaredrop.


Pest Control - Rodenticide

Rodenticide will be used to convert rats to insane - 2nd collection.

After the mint out, Rodenticide will be introduced.

Minting Rodenticide bottles - Cute Rats holders will be able to buy them for 25% off

Launch of Rodenticide Portal

Rodenticide bottles will be burned & insane rats will be generated.


Expansion and Future Development.

Continuously release updates, new giveaways, and features.

Explore potential collaborations with other projects and partners.

Gather community feedback and suggestions for future expansions.

Stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Team Members

We make a miracle!


An integral catalyst in the emergence of this innovative NFT project. The co-founder works in unison with the founder, bringing a unique set of skills and a fresh perspective to the table. Their combined knowledge of blockchain technology and the digital art market make them a formidable team driving the future of NFTs.


A forward-thinking pioneer who saw a unique opportunity in the intersection of blockchain technology and digital art. The founder of the NFT project utilizes their profound understanding of the digital assets landscape to transform virtual ideas into tangible tokens of value. Their vision lies in reshaping how we perceive and interact with art in the digital age.


A savvy blockchain specialist who translates complex ideas into lines of code. As the developer for this NFT project, they create, test, and perfect the smart contracts and underlying systems that make each NFT unique and verifiable. Their work ensures the security and reliability of each digital asset, setting the technical foundation for the project's success.


An innovative digital artist who breathes life into the NFT project. Their designs go beyond the aesthetics, imbuing each NFT with a distinct story and identity. By blending creativity with the latest digital design tools, they create digital masterpieces that are not only visually captivating but also hold significant value in the blockchain world.


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